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411Numbers HK Limited makes every effort to keep the website operational and permanently accessible, but 411Numbers HK Limited cannot guarantee that the website will permanently be operational and accessible. 411Numbers Limited and / or potential providers of the content of the website accept under no circumstances any liability for loss or damages of any nature, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, and / or costs (including but not limited to costs of legal assistance) which are wholly or partly a result of the use, as well problems with the use of the website, profits, loss of date or other (tangible) goods, arising from or related to use, the inability to use, the disallowing of use, the operation and / or deficiencies in the functioning of the website.

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411Numbers HK Limited is allowed to change on or via the website the information provided, including the text of these Terms, at any time without further notice. 411Numbers HK Limited recommends periodical checking of the information given on or via the website, including the text of these Terms, has been changed.


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